You’ve been holding the tickets for months, letting yourself daydream about the fun times you’ll have once you finally get there. Dancing in the sunshine. Chilling with your squad. Checking out new acts. Absorbing the awesomeness of your favorite bands. Yes, it’s time for festival season. The best part of music fest fashion is all the space for self-expression, so we’ve rounded up the 2019 festival trends you’ll see--and want to wear--at all of the biggest multi-day music events this year.

And we’re sharing a little trick for how to style music festival looks for less. Ready for it? Drum roll please… Open your swim drawer. That’s right! What better way to beat the heat in style than wearing clothes that are actually made for being in hot weather all day. Style + comfort for the win!

Scroll below for top 2019 festival trends and super affordable options, in case they’re not already in your swim drawer.